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Pakistan increases airfares for special flights from UAE


The government of Pakistan has increased the airfares of special flights from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for Pakistanis. 

PIA hiked its fare from Dubai to Islamabad, Peshawar, and Punjab (Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad) from Dh1,110 (Rs50,300) to Dh1,470 (Rs66,700) for economy class and business class ticket price would be unchanged that is Dh2,200 (Rs99,800).


Furthermore, PIA increased Dh270 (Rs12,200) in a ticket for Karachi repatriation flight and now it would cost Dh1,270 (Rs57,600) instead of Dh1,000 (Rs45,300).

More than 50,000 stranded Pakistanis are still waiting to be repatriated from Dubai.

The figures were revealed by the Pakistan Consulate Dubai.

Pakistan Consul General to Dubai Ahmed Amjad Ali confirmed that the airfares have changed from the emirates.

He added that there would be around 18-20 special flights during this week from Dubai.

It was last week when the government announced the resumption of international flights from Pakistan.

“All international passengers and chartered flights will be authorized to operate to and from all airports in Pakistan except Gwadar and Turbat,” said the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), however, flights from UAE have yet to materialize.

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