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Mufti Naeem’s son appointed chancellor of Jamia Binoria


Mufti Naeem’s eldest son, Sheikh Noman Naeem has been appointed as  the chancellor of Jamia Binoria International, the religious institute announced Tuesday.

Jamia Binoria – an international Deobandi educational institute in Karachi –  was founded in 1979. Mufti Naeem was the founder of institute that  enrolls over 5,000 students, including hundreds from abroad.

After the prominent religious scholar has passed away, his eldest son has taken over the responsibilities to run the institute.

Sheikh Noman Naeem, who is a Hafiz-e-Quran— acquired  his early education from Jamia Binoria.  Later, he completed his Dars-e-Nizami and Aalim Course, statement released by the Jamia Binoria said.

Parallel to the religious studies, Noman has also acquired Master’s degree in Islamic Studies from the Federal Urdu University. He had been given the responsibility of the foreign department of Jamia binoria International while he was studying the Mufti Course.

Recently, he has completed his PhD in Education System, according to the statement of Jamia Binoria. Noman has spent most of his time in travelling for the sake of quality enhancement in Islamic education.

Sheikh Noman also did courses in management and various skill development programs by himself. The institute said it has been imparting Islamic education in almost 50 countries because of his efforts.

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