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Cricket Exercises for Batsmen


Cricket is an international game we required power, strength, fitness to play it. Fitness is an important part to be seen in all games. Every sportsman is fit because they do regular exercises in the day to day life. We should not ignore fitness if you will do so, you will face problems in your sports life. In the 21st century, people are aware of fitness, they have included it in daily lifestyle. In cricket, every player must be fit to play international matches. If the player is not fit they face injuries and other big problems this can be ends of career.

Fitness level can increase by different exercises you must apply it. In cricket, there are 11 players, who play for the team. Every 11 player must be fit if they are not fit, not get the chance to play for the team. If you are batsmen you must do every cricket exercises for batsmen. batsmen play to score runs while scoring runs he faces many dangerous deliveries from the bowler, speed can be more than 160km/hr. So, batsmen fitness is necessary for him to be in the game ahead. There are many cricket exercises for batsmen who helps to improve batting skills & fitness.

Batsmen handle heavy bat and it’s difficult to play shots with heavy bat. Body parts like hands, wrist, knuckle, legs, chest must be strong if you want to be professional batsmen or cricketer.

Best Cricket Exercises for Batsmen

Squats –

A squat is an exercise which used to make legs strong. Batsmen stand on the ground for more than 8 hours, if legs are weak you cannot play a long game. So, we must do squats in warm-ups session.
Squats must be perfect and accurate, the wrong technique can affect your leg. What is the advantage of Squats? It will increase your ability to run more quickly and active fielder on ground.

Deadlift –

Deadlift is an exercise which trains your whole body at once. You must have the knowledge to do deadlift exercises, ask your trainer what’s the right way to do Deadlift. It improves your lower back strength, hips, and thighs. These are three main body parts if you are batsmen you must do deadlift. It also improves your grip on the bat, usually facing fast bowler young batsmen struggle for grip on the bat. A very useful & important exercise for batsmen you must try it.

Pull ups –

Pull ups are an exercise which used to train your arms, biceps and other upper body parts. If batsmen have weak arms, biceps he cannot play big shot in cricket. It improves your strength on arms, biceps and shoulder joints. You must do more than 20 pull-ups for beginners, later you can increase day by day.

Push-ups –

It’s very normal exercises everyone know how to do Push-ups. Push- ups helps to improve your upper body strength. In Cricket, batsmen upper body parts must be strong to play big shot.

Rotator cuff –

It very important exercise if you are a professional cricketer. This exercise is for all batsmen, bowler, and fielder in cricket. It improves your shoulder strength. Strong shoulder benefits us to play a long time without shoulder injuries. So, this is some of the best cricket exercises for batsmen.