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10 Must Exercises for a Cricketer


For all cricket lovers, the IPl 2017 season is back with more fun and entertaining games. This is the most famous cricket league in India and fans have eagerly waited for this new season for more entertainment. Many fans want to see if Sunrisers Hyderabad, the defending champions will be able to defend their title. Sportspeople including cricketers follow rigorous exercises to stay fit and active in the field. We do adore their fitness level, don’t we and at least occasionally try to kickstart an exercise regime like them. Why not make it a habit? Here are some essential exercises that crickets follow and we should adopt these to achieve their level of fitness.

Must exercises for a cricketer

1. Squats

This helps in strengthening the legs, core, shoulders and will help you increase your running speed. Squat increases hip mobility, and it can be done with body weight, dumbbells or a barbell to give perfect results.

2. Single leg squat

Training one leg at a time is critical in developing balance, strength and even sprinting speed which is crucial in cricket runs. It is advisable to do it first without weight, but after some time you can try to add some weight. This helps strengthen your leg muscles, making you better for cricket.

3. Deadlift

This exercise helps the player to strengthen his lower back, hips, and thighs. This contributes to preventing hamstring injuries and improves overall body strength and power which is very critical in cricket playing.

4. Cork hip lift

This is a hamstring and hip exercise that helps the muscles to function properly during running. This exercise mostly helps avoid injuries and when mastered can be done mostly everywhere which is excellent for fielders and fast bowlers for warm ups.

5. Press ups

This exercise helps chest, arm and trunk stability, which increases upper body strength. This is very critical for cricket players as in it comes with significant advantages of shoulder strength and upper body power.

6. Medicine ball throws

This exercise helps in core stability and it strengthens and activates the muscles which help cricket players to twist their trunks and drive power through the hips. Seam bowlers mostly benefit from this exercise very much. It involves getting a light ball weighing at least 3kg and throwing it harder.

7. Bent over rows

This exercise helps your back muscles vertically instead of horizontally hence stabilizing hip and shoulder muscles. This exercise is the opposite of press ups, and it allows you to develop strength and power balance.


8. Hang pull

Hang pull does not require heavy weight, so it is best for off-season training in a gym and with proper techniques. This helps you to have big strides in power movements mostly jumping, sprinting and to hit.

9. Alternative arm superman

This exercise mostly helps bowlers to have excellent coordination between opposite arm and the leg. It also strengthens the lower back.

10. Lunge with Torso Twist and Rotator cuff

For a cricketer, this exercise is very crucial as it strengthens the legs, hips, and torso, which improves spinal mobility which enables the player to play big cricketing shots with ease. Rotator cuff helps strengthen the shoulders which make bowlers and fielders stronger allowing them to play well with ease.

So, now you know the exercise tricks to achieve the fitness level of a cricketer. While you enjoy this IPL season, don’t forget to get ready for exercise regime.

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